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Acupuncture is generally believed to have started in the far east in what we now call China. The insertion of needles into prescribed points to alleviate pain and suffering has been noted for thousands of years .

Chinese acupuncture is very complex and involves a more spiritual base without the use of modern science (It appears to be safe and effective)

At this clinic we practice a form of dry needle acupuncture designed for General Practitioners, Doctors Osteopaths and Physiotherapist at the London Homeopathic Hospital .

This course has been designed to make acupuncture and western science/medicine compatible .That is to say we use the same traditional acupuncture points without the eastern spiritual style diagnosis. The British Medical Acupuncture Society has many members in the National Health and private practice

Our training aims at improving various musculoskeletal conditions from frozen shoulder to osteo arthritis see list

Carpal Tunnel Leg pain
Arthritis Sciatica
Head ache Tendinitis
Neck pain Frozen shoulder
Back ache Repetitive strain
Plantar fascitis Tennis elbow
and many more


(We do not treat drug smoking drink or weight problems at this clinic)