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Osteopathy is a form of hands on physical therapy aimed at restoring your health and vitality from aches, strains, pains and injuries. Modern Osteopaths treat sciatica,frozen shoulder, neck ,back muscle, joint, nerve pain sports injury etc.

Originally conceived by Dr Andrew Taylor- Still in America during the 1870s Osteopaths aimed to treat all forms of illness and disease by adjusting the body with techniques such as joint manipulation muscle stretch and various forms of massage.

Today’s Osteopath still uses these techniques combined with modern understanding of health sciences. Osteopaths are taught over a four / five year degree course which includes diagnostics, anatomy and physiology to the same level as medical students .

Osteopath at work

Your Osteopath should and we will certainly ;

1/ Take a full medical case history

2/ Perform appropriate clinical tests and examination

3/ Inform you of the considered diagnosis

4/ Advise you if you require our treatment or referral to your G.P .

5/ Give you an approximate guide to treatment sessions required and likely outcome

6/ Give rehabilitation advice and exercises

We can organise Xray or MRI scan if appropriate .We are recognised here by all the insurance companies bupa, ppp ,axa HSA etc